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Stretching over 80 islands, Vanuatu is a Pacific wonderland brimming with tranquility and white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters

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Vanuatu offers one of the fastest second citizenship programmes. The programme can take as little as 6-8 weeks. 

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Enjoy visa-free travel to over 113 countries including Russia, and the opportunity to apply for an Australian Online Visitor e600 visa.

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about vanuatu

Official Name: Republic of Vanuatu

Geographic Location: South Pacific Ocean

Population: 270,000 (2016)

Demonym: Ni-Vanuatu

Official Language: English, French, Bislama

Capital: Port Vila

Time Zone: Vanuatu Time (UTC + 11:00)

Currency: Vanuatu Vatu

Total GDP: $700 million  (2016)

Main Industries: agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services, cattle rearing

The economy in Vanuatu is driven by agriculture (kava, cocoa, copra), tourism, offshore financial services and cattle rearing. Tourism is the main source of foreign exchange, as many foreigners come to enjoy the scuba diving opportunities, hiking, swimming, and sailing opportunities that the islands have to offer. Vanuatu also prides itself in being the birthplace of Bungee jumping!

Other smaller industries include mining and fishing, and these industries total to a GDP of around USD 770 million.

Vanuatu’s culture is an agglomeration of many different influences, shaped by its history. While most of the country’s populace is Melanesian, it has Polynesian and Western influences. This is, for example, reflected in its music: it ranges from traditional music with drums, rattles, bamboo flutes to urban music, inspired by Spanish raggaeton which you can find in Vanuatu’s local nightclubs. 

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